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Idaho news 1/16/24

A person is dead from a gunshot wound following a domestic dispute. Bannock County Deputies are still investigating the death that happened on Pocatello Creek Road in the early yesterday morning.  The sheriff's office said more information will be released later today.

Some are predicting that Idaho’s population could high 2 million this year.  Idaho, one of the least populous states in the country, is gaining traction in the national population rankings as out-of-state migration numbers push the state to nearly 2 million residents despite a slowdown from the highs of the COVID-19 pandemic.   Idaho department of Labor said many are coming from the coastal states of Washington, Oregon and California, but others such as Utah and Nevada are also contributing heavily to parts of the state.

Idaho lawmakers say they will hold part of the Health and Welfare admin budget hostage as they wait for some corrective action.  Members of the Idaho Legislature’s Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee will not include any funding for Idaho Health and Welfare’s indirect support services.  An earlier audit found a lack of controls in the program that led to grant recipients using the funds for ineligible purposes and for ineligible groups. 

A new bill seeking to have public and school libraries move “material harmful to minors” to adult sections of the library is heading to the floor of the Idaho House of Representatives for a vote. Yesterday, the Idaho Legislature’s House State Affairs Committee voted along party lines to send House Bill 384 to the House floor with a recommendation to pass it.  The Bill is a revived and tweaked version of last year’s libraries material bill which Gov. Brad Little vetoed.

Amarillo U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk has granted a motion allowing Idaho, Missouri and Kansas to intervene in a lawsuit originally filed in November 2022 against the Food and Drug Administration by anti-abortion group Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine. 

One of the arguments in the motion to intervene is new data showing people are traveling out-of-state to get, or ordering by mail, chemical abortion pills called Mifepristone.


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