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Local News 2/5/24

Twelve of the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee’s 20 members rebelled against the legislative committee’s co-chairs on Friday, going around committee leaders to pass new, standalone budgets that are in direct competition with the bare-bones maintenance budgets JFAC passed Jan. 16.  In the short term, Friday’s budget votes suggest a majority of JFAC members rejected the way JFAC’s co-chair broke the budgets into different pieces this year.

Although he is prepared to work with whatever alterations legislators come up with, Idaho

Gov. Brad Little said the changes that the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee is making to the state’s budget process could have unintended consequences.  . One concern is it could make it more difficult to pass recommendations and requests for new funding.

The ITD said they made a mistake when it comes to the Boise to Salt Lake passenger train proposal.  Idaho officials announced they applied for a half million dollar grant to study the plan.  Turns out a staff member submitted the request to the wrong link on the internet. 

A 59 year old Twin Falls man has been charged with attempting to fraudulently transfer a property belonging to a man who died in 2022.  Patrick Kenneth Bennett showed a quitclaim deed for $18,000 for a Buhl Home.  The property was assessed at more than $122 thousand. 

Police in Caldwell are looking for a man this morning who they say sexually assaulted a woman last night.  It happened around 7 near Middleton road.  Police say the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. 

ISP says they are continuing their investigation into the fatal crash that occurred near Idaho Falls last week that involved a Bingham County Deputy.  The female officer apparently drifted over the center line crashing into a pickup.  The 80 year old male driver died.  A 78 year old passenger and the deputy were seriously injured and transported to a nearby hospital. 


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